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Supreme Court Notices

02/27/2023 The Supreme Court invites amici curiae to file briefs in SC 20763, 20764, and 20765, Kristin Mills, Administrator (Estate of Cheryl Mills) v. Hartford Healthcare Corporation et al. and S.C. 20767 and 20768, Kimberly Manginelli, Conservator (Estate of Darlene Matejek), et al. v. Regency House of Wallingford, Inc., et al.  
10/04/2022 Supreme Court's ruling in Barry Lee Cohen v. Nancy Rossi et al., SC 20737  
07/26/2022 Practice Book Revisions, Adopted Rules of Appellate Procedure  
05/31/2022 Notice regarding posting dates for Dockets and Assignments for the 2022-2023 Court Year  
04/26/2022 Public Hearing on Practice Book Revisions to the Rules of Appellate Procedure Being Considered by the Justices of the Supreme Court and Judges of the Appellate Court, May 24, 2022  
04/05/2022 A hearing will be held at the Supreme Court, 231 Capitol Avenue, Hartford, CT, on Tuesday, April 5, 2022, at 10:00 a.m., regarding the respondent's March 22, 2022 motion to file medical reports and affidavit under seal, and the respondent's April 4, 2022 motion to file medical record under seal filed in SC 210218, In re Hon. Alice Bruno. Any responses to the motion to file medical record under seal shall be filed with the Office of the Appellate Clerk on or before 5 p.m. on April 4, 2022. Responses shall not exceed 5 pages. The respondent's motion to seal dated March 8, 2022, has been withdrawn.  
03/30/2022 Appellate E-Brief Training Video.  
Note Concerning Supreme Court Panel Assignments:When it becomes necessary to add a Judge of the Appellate Court to the panel in any Supreme Court case after oral argument, the longstanding policy of the Supreme Court is to make the assignment on a rotational basis beginning with the Chief Judge and proceeding on the basis of seniority  

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