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Juvenile Residential Admissions

The Judicial Branch operates two juvenile residential centers in the State of Connecticut:

Yearly Statewide Pretrial Admissions 2006-2023 - PDF
This table provides historical data for pretrial admissions by admission criteria and gender; juveniles admitted by gender, race/ethnicity, and court location; and population by length of stay and average daily count. Please note that admission counts may include multiple admissions for a single juvenile.
Post-Disposition Treatment Admissions (REGIONS) 2019-2023 - PDF
Glossary of Terms

Note on Table Creation: The information in the tables comes from databases that are always being updated. As a result, the tables only show the information that was in the databases on the day they were created. Information in the databases can change because cases that were disposed at the time the table was created were later reopened, or because of the late entry of data. Because of this, all of the tables are created on the 5th business day after the close of the fiscal year.

  • Added case: A case that is entered into one of the Judicial Branch’s automated systems.
  • Claimed case: A case in which a party or the party’s attorney (in a civil or family case) enters a claim that a case be placed onto a trial list.
  • Disposed case: A case in which a decision has been made.
  • Fiscal year: July 1st through June 30th.
  • Pending case: A case in which a decision has not been made.

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