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New OLR Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Connecticut General Assembly Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has recently added the following new reports to their website:

Eviction Process and Recent Related Changes - 2023-R-0220 - Describes the eviction process and provides (1) a summary of the governor’s COVID-19-related executive orders and (2) information on recent legislation impacting the process. This report updates OLR Report 2021-R-0189.

Protection Against Rent Increases - 2023-R-0247 - How does state law protect tenants against excessive rent increases? Are there specific protections for seniors or tenants with disabilities? This report updates OLR Report 2022-R-0115.

Required Home Inspections Before Residential Home Sales - 2023-R-0228 - Identifies (1) bills in other states similar to Massachusetts’s proposed Senate Bill 197 (2023), which regulates the right to inspections in residential home sales, and (2) any states that require home inspections prior to completing a residential home sale.

Removal of Condominium Board Members - 2023-R-0216 - Summarizes the process to remove condominium board members under Connecticut’s Common Interest Ownership Act (CIOA).