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Attorney Discipline Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


AC44763 - Office of Chief Disciplinary Counsel v. Wynne (“On appeal, the plaintiff argues that the court improperly (1) approved the applications to become the defendant’s supervising attorneys in light of their proposal to supervise the defendant remotely and (2) held that, pursuant to Practice Book § 2-47B, a court may expressly permit, by written order, a deactivated attorney who is employed by a supervising attorney in the role of paralegal or legal assistant to communicate with clients and third parties regarding matters that are the subject of representation by the supervising attorney or his or her firm, provided that the communication does not amount to engaging in the practice of law. During the pendency of this appeal, however, the trial court granted a motion to terminate the supervising attorney relationships at issue. As such, we ordered the parties to file supplemental briefs addressing whether this appeal should be dismissed as moot. In their briefs, the parties argue that the appeal is not moot under the ‘capable of repetition, yet evading review’ exception to the mootness doctrine. We are not persuaded that this exception applies and, therefore, dismiss this appeal for lack of subject matter jurisdiction.”)