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Contract Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Oumano, Emily


SC20694 - Connex Credit Union v. Thibodeau (“We subsequently granted the defendant’s petition for certification to appeal from the judgment of the Appellate Court to determine whether (1) ‘the Appellate Court properly interpret[ed] and appl[ied] the requirement of Connecticut’s [UCC] to notify a consumer-debtor that he or she has a right to an accounting of unpaid indebtedness after repossession of secured property,’ and (2) ‘[u]nder [RISFA] . . . a retail seller of a motor vehicle, after repossession and sale of the vehicle, [can] credit a retail buyer’s alleged deficiency only with the proceeds from the vehicle’s sale when the prima facie fair market value of the vehicle exceeded the amount of those proceeds . . . .’ Connex Credit Union v. Thibodeau, 342 Conn. 903, 270 A.3d 690 (2022).

After examining the entire record on appeal and considering the briefs and oral arguments of the parties, we have determined that the appeal should be dismissed on the ground that certification was improvidently granted.

The appeal is dismissed.”)