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Family Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC45186 - R. H. v. M. H. (Dissolution of marriage; emergency ex parte order of custody; postdissolution motion to modify custody; "In this custody dispute, the defendant mother, M. H., appeals from the judgment of the trial court granting the postdissolution motion of the plaintiff father, R. H., for modification of custody and access seeking sole legal and physical custody of the parties' two minor children. On appeal, the defendant argues that the court improperly (1) granted the plaintiff's October 30, 2019 application for an emergency ex parte order for custody of the children, (2) delegated its judicial authority by giving the plaintiff decision-making authority over the defendant's access to the children, and (3) infringed on her privacy rights, first by allowing testimony about her medical information and, second, by including her medical information in its November 18, 2021 memorandum of decision without sealing the decision. We agree with the defendant's second claim but disagree with her remaining claims. Accordingly, we reverse in part and affirm in part the judgment of the trial court.")