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Family Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC44911 - C. M. v. R. M. (Dissolution of Marriage; Postdissolution motion to relocate; Subject matter jurisdiction; "The defendant father, R. M., appeals from the granting of his postdissolution motion to move to New York City with the parties' two minor children, over the objection of the plaintiff mother, C. M. Despite obtaining the relief requested, the defendant filed the present appeal, claiming that the court improperly concluded that the move to New York City constituted a relocation under General Statutes § 46b-56d and that this determination requires that, in a future proceeding, the defendant satisfy a more difficult burden as compared to a motion to modify the parties' parenting plan filed pursuant to General Statutes § 46b-56. We dismiss the defendant's appeal for lack of aggrievement.")