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New OLR Reports

by Booth, George


The Connecticut General Assembly Office of Legislative Research has recently published several new reports on their website:

Connecticut's E-Cigarette Laws - 2023-R-0098 - This report describes Connecticut laws related to the regulation of electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products (hereafter referred to as “e-cigarettes”). It updates OLR Report 2019-R-0279. For the purposes of this report, “minor” means an individual under age 21.

Connecticut Penal Code - Updated and Revised - 2023-R-0082 - This report lists all crimes in the Connecticut Penal Code (Title 53a of the General Statutes) and their penalties. It updates OLR Report 2022-R-0068... It includes all changes from the 2022 regular and special legislative sessions. Statutes with criminal penalties that are codified outside the Penal Code are not included.

Address Confidentiality for Domestic Violence Victims - 2023-R-0093 - The Connecticut legislature established an address confidentiality program within the Secretary of the State’s Office (SOTS) in 2003 (effective January 2004) to protect victims of certain crimes, such as domestic violence (PA 03-200, codified at CGS § 54-240 et seq.). The program has since been amended to extend its protections to additional victims.