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Habeas Court Opinions

by Townsend, Karen


SC20474 - Brown v. Commissioner of Correction (Proper procedure for court to follow before dismissing a petition under PB 23-29; defective petitions under PB 23-24; “After reviewing the language of §§ 23-24 and 23-29, and their relationship to the provisions generally governing habeas corpus proceedings; see Practice Book § 23-21 et seq.; the historical development of the writ of habeas corpus and the public policy underlying the legislature’s comprehensive habeas reform; see Public Acts 2012, No. 12-115, § 1 (P.A. 12-115); we conclude that § 23-29 requires the habeas court to provide prior notice of the court’s intention to dismiss, on its own motion, a petition that it deems legally deficient and an opportunity to be heard on the papers by filing a written response. The habeas court may, in its discretion, grant oral argument or a hearing, but one is not mandated. We believe this interpretation draws a proper balance between the competing interests of affording petitioners due process while addressing the need for the expeditious resolution of habeas petitions in an effort to reach the meritorious cases. We observe that the Rules Committee remains free to amend the text of the relevant rules as it deems appropriate.”)

SC20459 - Boria v. Commissioner of Correction (Companion case to Brown v. Commissioner; “For the reasons stated in Brown, we conclude that a dismissal under § 23-29 requires that a petitioner be afforded both prior notice and an opportunity to submit a brief or a written response. We therefore reverse the judgment of the Appellate Court and remand the case for further proceedings consistent with this opinion and our decision in Brown.”)