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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has recently published the following reports related to criminal law:

Disclosure of Body Camera Recordings - 2022-R-0164 - Describes state law’s requirements for disclosing law enforcement body camera recordings.

Reimbursement of Incarceration Costs in Connecticut - 2022-R-0149 - Summarizes the law requiring incarcerated individuals to pay the cost of their incarceration. (This report updates OLR Report 2018-R-0269.)

Isolated Confinement - 2022-R-0169 - Summarizes Connecticut’s law on using isolated confinement on an incarcerated individual.

Animal Cruelty Cases in Connecticut (2011-2021) - 2022-R-0123 - Summarizes Connecticut’s primary animal cruelty statute (CGS § 53-247) and the outcome of cases brought under it from 2011 through 2021. (This report updates OLR Report 2019-R-0154.)

Acts Affecting Criminal Justice and Public Safety - 2022-R-0096 - This report provides summaries of new laws (public acts and special acts) significantly affecting crime and public safety enacted during the 2022 regular session and June special session (JSS).

Table on Penalties - 2022-R-0143 - "When sentencing an offender to prison, the judge must specify a period of incarceration. The prison terms in Table 1 . . . represent the range within which a judge must set the sentence."