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Criminal Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


SC20469 - State v. Rogers (“On appeal, he claims that, in light of this court’s recent decision in State v. Jackson, 334 Conn. 793, 224 A.3d 886 (2020), in which his codefendant, Raashon Jackson, was granted a new trial premised on his properly preserved objection to the state’s untimely disclosure of an expert witness, this court should exercise its supervisory authority over the administration of justice to reverse his conviction, even though he did not join in Jackson’s objection to the untimely disclosed expert, because they were tried jointly and suffered the same harm. Additionally, he requests that this court overrule our recent decision in State v. Turner, 334 Conn. 660, 686–87, 224 A.3d 129 (2020), and review the merits of his unpreserved Porter1 claim under State v. Edwards, 325 Conn. 97, 156 A.3d 506 (2017). We affirm the judgment of conviction.")