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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Connecticut Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has recently published the following reports:

Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA) - 2022-R-0087 - This report provides an overview of the Connecticut Unfair Insurance Practices Act (CUIPA), including violations, enforcement, and penalties. It updates OLR Report 2017-R-0154.

Motor Vehicle Fines and Charges Remitted to Municipalities - 2022-R-0023 - This report describes the motor vehicle violations for which the state must remit a portion of fines or other charges it collects back to the municipality in which the violation occurred. This report updates OLR Report 2019-R-0181.

Income Tax Deductions for Retirement Income - 2022-R-0099 - This report briefly explains the state tax deductions for Social Security, pension and annuity, and individual retirement account (IRA) income. This report updates OLR Report 2021-R-0168.