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New Title: Surviving Debt: Expert Advice for Getting Out of Financial Trouble

by Townsend, Karen


A number of our law libraries have received the 2021 edition of Surviving Debt, a new title from the National Consumer Law Center. The table of contents include:

  • Chapter 1 Six Essential Rules for Surviving Debt
  • Chapter 2 Responding to Debt Collectors
  • Chapter 3 What You Need to Know About Your Credit Report
  • Chapter 4 Collection Lawsuits
  • Chapter 5 Taking Out New Loans to Pay for Old Debts
  • Chapter 6 Reverse Mortgages
  • Chapter 7 Choices to Avoid at All Costs
  • Chapter 8 Reducing Your Expenses
  • Chapter 9 Options for Increasing Your Income
  • Chapter 10 Keeping Track of Income, Expenses, and Debt
  • Chapter 11 Medical Debt
  • Chapter 12 Credit Card Debt
  • Chapter 13 Student Loans
  • Chapter 14 Car Loans and Repossessions
  • Chapter 15 Utility Terminations
  • Chapter 16 What Every Homeowner Should Know About Mortgage Payments
  • Chapter 17 When You Are Having Trouble Making Mortgage Payments
  • Chapter 18 Defending Your Home from Foreclosure
  • Chapter 19 Property Taxes and Tax Sales
  • Chapter 20 Evictions and Getting Out of a Lease
  • Chapter 21 Civil Court Judgment Debt
  • Chapter 22 Debts Related to Criminal and Government Fines and Fees
  • Chapter 23 Federal Income Tax Debt
  • Chapter 24 Deciding Whether and When to File Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 25 How the Bankruptcy Process Works

Here is a list of the libraries that own this title. For other National Consumer Law Center titles, please see the Judicial Branch Law Library catalog.