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Civil Procedure Appellate Court Opinion

by Zigadto, Janet


AC43467 - Seaport Capital Partners, LLC v. Speer (Writ of error; "In this writ of error, the plaintiff in error, Edward Bona, an attorney appointed by the court to act as a receiver of rents in the underlying foreclosure action, challenges the judgment of the court granting a motion for a protective order filed by the defendant in error, Seaport Capital Partners, LLC (Seaport), to preclude certain discovery requests Bona made to Seaport and holding Bona personally liable to Seaport for $11,903.47. According to Bona, the court improperly (1) failed to account for certain evidence he offered, (2) ordered him to pay Seaport despite the fact that 'he never had and never collected' the money at issue, (3) denied a motion to disqualify Seaport's counsel, Donna R. Skaats, (4) denied a motion to disqualify Judge Koletsky, who previously had ruled in this matter against him, (5) denied him due process because notice of the hearing was inadequate and the court acted without a proper motion filed by a party, and (6) 'engaged in plain error by ratifying an open and notorious fraud upon the court . . . .' Seaport responds, inter alia, that this court should decline to review Bona's claims because his appellate brief and accompanying appendix are 'virtually incomprehensible,' difficult to respond to, and 'not in accordance with appellate practice.' We agree with Seaport, decline to review Bona's claims, and dismiss the writ of error because his claims are inadequately briefed and Bona has failed to comport his brief and appendix with our rules of appellate practice.")