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Criminal Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Booth, George


SC19947 - State v. Henderson (Motion to correct illegal sentence; sentence enhancement pursuant to statute ([Rev. to 1991] § 53a-40 [a] and [b]); persistent dangerous felony offender; persistent serious felony offender; trial court's denial of defendant's motion to correct illegal sentence; "We granted the defendant’s petition for certification to appeal, limited to the following question: "Did the Appellate Court properly conclude that the defendant’s sentence was not illegal, does not violate the double jeopardy clause [of the United States constitution], and does not run contrary to legislative intent?" State v. Henderson, 326 Conn. 914, 173 A.3d 389 (2017).

After examining the record and briefs on appeal and considering the arguments of the parties, we conclude that the judgment of the Appellate Court should be affirmed. The Appellate Court’s thorough and well reasoned opinion fully addresses the certified question, and, accordingly, there is no need for us to repeat the discussion contained therein. We therefore adopt the Appellate Court's opinion as the proper statement of the issues and the applicable law concerning those issues. See, e.g., Anderson v. Commissioner of Correction, 308 Conn. 456, 462, 64 A.3d 325 (2013).

The judgment of the Appellate Court is affirmed.")