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Family Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Roy, Christopher


AC39014 - Steller v. Steller ("The plaintiff, Linda Steller, appeals from the judgment of the trial court modifying the alimony, life insurance, and disability insurance obligations of the defendant, Rodney Steller. The plaintiff claims that the trial court: (1) improperly determined that the defendant’s earning capacity was less than his actual income and then based its alimony order on that determination; (2) made clearly erroneous findings, which were unsupported by the evidence, regarding the defendant’s gross and net earning capacities, her earning capacity, and the amount she would receive from the purported sale of the defendant’s dental practice later that year; (3) failed to apply the proper legal principles, in accordance with General Statutes § 46b-82 and relevant case law, for resolving a motion for modification of alimony; and (4) abused its discretion by lowering the defendant’s disability and life insurance obligations. We agree with the plaintiff on the second claim and reverse the judgment of the trial court.")