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Connecticut Law About Child Abuse and Neglect Registry
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Research Guides

Connecticut Public Acts

Research guides prepared by the Connecticut Judicial Branch law librarians:

OLR Research Reports - Office of Legislative Research:

Connecticut Department of Children and Families

Center for Children's Advocacy

Connecticut Practice Book

  • Sec. 14-5 - Definition of Administrative Appeals
  • Sec. 14-6 - Administrative Appeals are Civil Actions
  • Sec. 14-7 - Trial Lists for Administrative Appeals; Briefs; Placing Cases Thereon

Library Materials

  • Paul Chill, The Law Of Child Abuse And Neglect In Connecticut (1997).

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  • P.A. 05-207 - An Act Concerning the Department of Children and Families and Child Abuse or Neglect Proceedings.
    OLR Summary

Connecticut General Statutes

Selected statutes:

Chapter 54 - Uniform Administrative Procedure Act

Chapter 319 - Department of Children and Families

  • Sec. 17a-28. Definitions. Confidentiality and access to records; exceptions. Procedure for aggrieved persons.

Chapter 319a - Child Welfare

  • Sec. 17a-101g. Classification and evaluation of reports. Determination of abuse or neglect of child. Investigation. Notice, entry of recommended finding. Referral to local law enforcement authority. Home visit. Removal of child in imminent risk of harm.

  • Sec. 17a-101k. Registry of findings of abuse or neglect of children maintained by Commissioner of Children and Families. Notice of finding of abuse or neglect of child. Appeal of finding. Hearing procedure. Appeal after hearing. Confidentiality. Regulations.

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Connecticut DCF Policy and Regulations

Department of Children and Family Services Policy Index by Topic

Selected Policies:

  • Chapter 22. Administrative Hearings

    • 22-12-2 Substantiation Hearings - Introduction

    • 22-12-3 Notice of a Substantiation Hearing and Right to a Substantiation Hearing

    • 22-12-4 Requesting a Substantiation Hearing

    • 22-12-5 Scheduling Substantiation Hearings

    • 22-12-6 Party Status in Substantiation Hearings - Introduction

    • 22-12-7 Conduct of Substantiation Hearing

    • 22-12-8 Decision and Record of Hearings

  • Chapter 33. Child Protective Careline

Selected Regulations:

Connecticut Law by Subject