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Compiled Connecticut Legislative Histories

by Mazur, Catherine


Did you know that the Connecticut State Library's Law and Legislative Reference Services maintains a database of previously compiled legislative histories?

The database is located at the bottom of their informational page on Legislative History, and is searchable by Public Act number (e.g. 11-200). The histories include the necessary information for citation, including page numbers.

While it is comprehensive for recent legislative histories from 2009-present, only previously ordered histories from before 2009 are included. If you need a legislative history that hasn't been compiled, you can either contact the State Library to order one, or visit the library to compile it yourself.

Our twelve libraries located throughout the state also have legislative histories on microfiche from 1980-2013. As another option, we have a guide on How to Compile a Legislative History online, but please be aware this method will not include official pagination.