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Habeas Appellate Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


AC38371 - Salters v. Commissioner of Correction ("On appeal, the petitioner claims that the habeas court improperly (1) failed to apply the strict standard of materiality to his claim of a Brady violation, which included factual allegations that the prosecution knowingly relied on false testimony; (2) denied his claim of ineffective assistance by his prior habeas trial counsel (habeas counsel) for failing to raise a claim that the petitioner’s criminal trial counsel (trial counsel) was ineffective for failing to raise a claim of instructional error; (3) failed to apply the ‘‘findings’’ that this court made in his appeal from the judgment in his first habeas case; and (4) found that the decision of his appellate counsel on direct appeal (appellate counsel) to forgo raising a prosecutorial impropriety claim was a reasonable strategic decision. We affirm the judgment of the habeas court.")