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Employment Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Roy, Christopher


SC19829 - Williams v. General Nutrition Centers, Inc. ("Connecticut law requires employers to pay certain employees one and one-half times their 'regular rate' of pay for any overtime hours they work. General Statutes § 31-76c. Calculating overtime pay for employees paid a fixed hourly wage is straightforward—their 'regular rate' is their hourly wage, so they must be paid one and one-half times their hourly wage for each overtime hour worked. General Statutes § 31-76c. But for employees paid in whole or in part by commission, their average hourly rate will tend to fluctuate, leaving them without a readily apparent regular rate to use for calculating overtime pay. In the present case, we are asked to consider how employers must determine the regular rate for retail employees whose pay fluctuates each week because they receive commissions.")