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Criminal Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Agati, Taryn


AC45519 - State v. Leuders ("The defendant, Heidi Leuders, appeals from the judgment of conviction, rendered following a court trial, of criminal damage of a landlord's property in the first degree in violation of General Statutes ยง 53a-117e. The defendant makes three claims on appeal. First, the defendant claims that there was insufficient evidence that she intentionally damaged the tangible property of her landlord, Celly Roberts (landlord). Second, she claims that the trial court improperly denied her motion to suppress (a) evidence discovered following a warrantless entry into her residence and (b) statements she made to the police following her arrest. Finally, she claims that, at her sentencing, the court violated her federal and state constitutional rights to due process by considering conduct related to the crimes of which she was acquitted. We disagree with each of the defendant's claims and affirm the judgment of conviction.")