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Juvenile Law Appellate Court Slip Opinion

by Carey, Sean


AC45979,AC46006 - In re Ryan C. (“The respondent father, Chester C., and his minor child, Ryan C., appeal from the judgment of the trial court rendered in favor of Ryan C.’s intervening foster parent, Jeanette P., denying motions to revoke commitment filed by the respondent and the petitioner, the Commissioner of Children and Families, and granting Jeanette P.’s motion to transfer guardianship of Ryan C. to herself. The dispositive issue in this appeal is whether the court properly allowed Jeanette P. to intervene in the dispositional phase of the neglect proceeding for the purposes of objecting to the motions to revoke commitment and filing the motion to transfer guardianship.4 We conclude that, in the circumstances of the present case, the court improperly allowed Jeanette P. to intervene and to file a motion to transfer guardianship and that her intervention improperly tainted the court’s adjudication of the motions to revoke commitment. Accordingly, we reverse the judgment of the court and remand the case for a new trial on the motions to revoke commitment.”)