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Freedom of Information Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC44972 - AC44972 - Lowthert v. Freedom of Information Commission (Administrative appeal; alleged violation of open meeting requirements of provision (§ 1-225 (a)) of Freedom of Information Act (§ 1-200 et seq.) by defendant Freedom of Information Commission and/or its staff; "The self-represented plaintiff, Marissa Lowthert, appeals from the judgment of the Superior Court denying her application, pursuant to General Statutes § 1-206 (b) (2), for an order requiring the defendant, the Freedom of Information Commission (commission), to hold a hearing on a complaint she filed with the commission. On appeal, she claims that the court erred in denying her application because the commission and its executive director had a conflict of interest in violation of General Statutes § 1-85 when they decided not to schedule a hearing on her complaint. We affirm the judgment of the court.")