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New OLR Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Connecticut General Assembly Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has recently released the following new reports:

Jennifer's Law - 2023-R-0107 - Provides information on Jennifer’s law in Connecticut.

The Dual Roles and Responsibilities of Local and Regional Boards of Education - 2023-R-0097 - When are local and regional board of education members considered “agents of the state” in Connecticut? Do local and regional boards of education have latitude when implementing state-mandated policies? What authority do boards of education have to make educational policy on their own?

Case Statistics for Firearms – Related Offenses (Dispositions) - 2023-R-0110 - Provides statistics on the disposition of firearms-related offenses in Connecticut for fiscal years (FY) 2013 through 2022. (It updates OLR Report 2022-R-0061 by adding case outcomes for FY 22.)