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Criminal Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


AC44780 - State v. Santiago (Dismissal of motion to correct an illegal sentence; “In the motion to correct, the defendant argued that he was serving the functional equivalent of a life sentence, despite being eligible for parole, and that, when his sentence was imposed, the sentencing court violated his rights by not taking into account his youth as a mitigating factor. The defendant claims that, in dismissing his motion, the court improperly (1) denied him the right to ‘an evidentiary hearing concerning the current state of science on the maturity, impulse control, and over receptiveness to peer pressure of [eighteen year olds], and the effect of science on Connecticut law’ and (2) concluded that he did not present a colorable claim that he was entitled to relief under the Connecticut and United States constitutions. We dismiss the appeal as moot.”)