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Tort Law Appellate Court Opinions

by Mazur, Catherine


AC38462 - Crouse v. Cox (Fraud; "The judgment of dismissal is vacated. The case is remanded for further proceedings, without prejudice to the filing of a motion for summary judgment.")

AC38659 - Kurisoo v. Ziegler ("The plaintiff, Eric Kurisoo, appeals from the summary judgment rendered by the trial court in favor of the defendant Mystic Seaport Museum d/b/a Mystic Seaport. On September 20, 2013, the plaintiff was injured when the motorcycle he was operating collided with a motor vehicle operated by Harry Ziegler, who, at the time of the collision, was participating in an antique car tour sponsored by the defendant. The plaintiff initially brought this action, claiming that its direct negligence had proximately caused his injuries. Subsequently, he amended his complaint to allege, as well, that the defendant was vicariously liable for the negligence of Ziegler, who had proximately caused such injuries. The court rendered summary judgment in favor of the defendant on both of the plaintiff's claims, finding, as a matter of public policy, that it owed no duty to the plaintiff at the time of its direct or vicarious negligence. On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the court improperly rendered summary judgment in favor of the defendant on both of his claims because it based its rulings on a ground not raised in the defendant's summary judgment motions. We agree with the plaintiff, and thus reverse the judgment of the trial court.")

AC38572 - Pronovost v. Tierney ("The plaintiff, Jamie Pronovost, appeals from the judgment of the trial court dismissing his single count, amended complaint, in which he alleged negligence against the defendant, Marisa Tierney, arising from a motor vehicle collision in Maryland. The court dismissed the plaintiff's complaint against the defendant, a nonresident of Connecticut at the time that the action was commenced, after determining that the relevant long arm statute, General Statutes § 52-59b (a) (3) (B), did not provide jurisdiction over the defendant based on the facts alleged in the complaint and in an affidavit filed by the defendant in her reply to the plaintiff's memorandum in opposition to the motion to dismiss. On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the court erred in its application of § 52-59b (a) (3) (B) to the facts as pleaded in this case. We affirm the judgment of the court.")