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Criminal Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


SC20520 - State v. Lori T. (“In this certified appeal, we must examine the meaning of certain language used in General Statutes § 53a-98 (a) (3), a provision that criminalizes custodial interference. Specifically, we must determine whether the actions, or inactions, of the defendant, Lori T., were sufficient to satisfy the ‘‘otherwise refuses to return a child’’ aspect of custodial interference in the second degree. General Statutes § 53a-98 (a) (3). The defendant appeals from the judgment of the Appellate Court, affirming the judgment of conviction, rendered after a jury trial, of three counts of custodial interference in the second degree. See State v. Lori T., 197 Conn. App. 675, 677, 696, 232 A.3d 13 (2020). On appeal, the defendant claims that the Appellate Court incorrectly concluded that § 53a-98 (a) (3) is not unconstitutionally vague as applied to her and that the evidence was sufficient to support her conviction. See id., 677. We affirm the judgment of the Appellate Court.”)