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New OLR Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Connecticut General Assembly's Office of Legislative Research has recently published some new reports:

Risk-Limiting Audits - 2022-R-0082 - This report describes risk-limiting audits (RLA) (post-election audits), including how they work and where they are currently used in the United States.

Undocumented Immigration and State Law - 2022-R-0195 - Over the last 10 years, has the Connecticut legislature passed any laws that extend benefits, privileges, or protections to undocumented immigrants? To what extent is the state required to cooperate with federal immigration laws?

Statutory CUTPA Violations - 2022-R-0199 - This report lists the state’s statutory CUTPA (Connecticut Unfair Trade Practices Act) violations. It provides each violation’s statutory reference (or the public act creating the violation) and a brief description of the violation. The report updates OLR Report 2021-R-0213.

Connecticut Whistleblower Laws - 2022-R-0005 - Summarizes Connecticut’s whistleblower laws. This report updates information in OLR Report 2009-R-0366.

Connecticut Prison Population Over the Last Five Years - 2022-R-0200 - This report provides statistics on the Connecticut prison population for the last five years. It updates OLR report 2016-R-0259.

Recent Juvenile Justice Measures - 2022-R-0148 - Summarizes juvenile justice measures enacted over the past five legislative sessions (2018–2022).