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Risk Protection Orders and Risk Protection Order Investigations

by Booth, George


The Judicial Branch has published a pamphlet, Risk Protection Orders and Risk Protection Order Investigations, with associated forms to "...satisfy the requirements of General Statutes §§ 29-38c and 46b-15e(a)(2) and Public Act 21-67 §2. It is based on the Connecticut General Statutes and the Judicial Branch procedures in effect at the time the Judicial Branch created this brochure."

A Risk Protection Order is an order that the police can ask the court to issue that prevents a person who is at immediate risk of causing personal injury to themselves or another person from having or getting firearms, deadly weapons, or ammunition. As part of this process, the court can also order the police to take any firearms, deadly weapons, or ammunition that the person at risk has away from them.

The following forms are available: