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Employment Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Roy, Christopher


AC43861 - Roach v. Transwaste, Inc. (Wrongful termination of employment; attorney's fees; "The plaintiff appealed, claiming that the court erred by failing to apply the lodestar method in calculating the amount of the award of attorney's fees. The defendant filed a cross appeal, claiming that the court erred by (1) awarding any attorney's fees to the plaintiff, (2) failing to set aside the jury's award of damages because it was not supported by sufficient evidence, (3) rendering judgment in favor of the plaintiff because there was no evidence to support the jury's conclusion that the plaintiff's employment had been terminated for filing safety complaints, and (4) providing an incorrect charge to the jury. We agree with the plaintiff and reverse the judgment of the court with respect to the calculation of attorney's fees. We affirm the judgment in all other respects.")