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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Office of Legislative Research has recently published the following reports:

Q&A on Unsolicited Calls and Texts - 2021-R-0164 - This report provides, in a Q&A format, information on Connecticut and federal regulation of unsolicited telemarketing calls and texts.

Consumer Disposal of Pharmaceuticals - 2021-R-0157 - This report (1) summarizes current law’s requirements for consumers disposing of unused pharmaceuticals and (2) provides examples of other states’ policies addressing pharmaceutical disposal challenges.

Unclaimed Bottle Deposits - 2021-R-0155 - This report answers the question "What happens to unclaimed bottle deposits under Connecticut’s beverage container redemption law (“bottle bill”)?"

State Agencies Serving People who are Deaf or Hard of Hearing - 2021-R-0153 - This report provides information on state agencies in other states that primarily serve deaf or hard of hearing people. It highlights those agencies that (1) act as a “gateway” to other state services or (2) have interpreters on staff who provide services in the community.

Availability of Deposited Funds - 2021-R-0148 - This report explains when deposited funds are available for withdrawal from a bank or credit union.

Connecticut Hate Crime Laws - 2021-R-0104 - This report summarizes Connecticut’s hate crime laws, including recent legislative changes.