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Criminal Law Supreme Court Slip Opinion

by Booth, George


SC20429 - State v. Bemer (Prostitution; Trafficking in persons; Whether evidence sufficient to show that defendant knew that prostitutes were victims of trafficking; Whether trial court properly instructed jury on coercion; "The defendant, Bruce John Bemer, appeals from his conviction of four counts of the crime of patronizing a prostitute in violation of General Statutes (Rev. to 2015) § 53a-83 (c), and of one count of the crime of trafficking in persons as an accessory in violation of General Statutes (Supp. 2016) § 53a-192a and General Statutes § 53a-8. On appeal, the defendant claims, inter alia, that the state presented insufficient evidence to convict him of any of the charged counts. We agree and reverse the judgment of the trial court")