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Juvenile Appellate Court Slip Opinions

by Townsend, Karen


AC43916 - In re Skylar B. ("On appeal, the respondent claims that the court deprived him of his right to substantive due process as guaranteed by the fourteenth amendment to the United States constitution because transfer of guardianship is a less restrictive means than termination of his parental rights to achieve permanency. We conclude that the record is inadequate to review the respondent’s claim and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the trial court.")

AC44201- In re Angela V. (On appeal, the respondent claims that the court violated her right to the due process of law when it denied the motion for permission to call the two older minor children as witnesses, which was filed by the respondent father and later joined by the respondent. Following the parties’ appellate oral argument, we requested supplemental briefs addressing whether the respondent’s claim was moot in light of her failure to challenge one of the independent grounds of the trial court’s denial of the motion to have the two older children testify. Having considered the supplemental briefs of the parties5 and the record in this case, we conclude that the respondent’s claim is moot. Accordingly, we dismiss the appeal.”)