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Family Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Roy, Christopher


AC44174 - Bouffard v. Lewis ("The defendant, Jamie G. Lewis, appeals from the March 4, 2020 postjudgment orders of the trial court denying his motion for modification of alimony and child support and granting the motion of the plaintiff, Kristy L. Bouffard, for contempt relating to his failure to pay alimony and child support. On October 30, 2020, the trial court issued an order wherein it found that its March 4, 2020 orders were automatically stayed pursuant to Practice Book ยง 61-11 (c). Before this court is the plaintiff's motion asking this court to review the trial court's October 30, 2020 order. The plaintiff argues that there is no automatic stay on orders of periodic alimony and child support. The defendant argues in opposition to this motion for review that lump sum alimony and support payments are subject to an automatic appellate stay. Because we agree that there is no automatic appellate stay, we grant the plaintiff's motion for review and grant the relief requested in that the court's October 30, 2020 order is vacated.")