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New Process: Resolution Plan Date for Divorce, Custody and Visitation Cases

by Booth, George


The Judicial Branch has published a notice regarding changes to some types of family matters cases: What to Expect on the Resolution Plan Date in your Divorce, Custody or Visitation Case.

As of January, 2021, Connecticut has a new process for custody, visitation, dissolution of marriage, and legal separation cases. It was developed with the help of the National Center for State Courts based on research and experience in other states. The process is designed to encourage parties to concentrate on resolving their cases by agreement, instead of engaging in lengthy litigation. It seeks to give each case the level of court resources it needs sooner than was possible under the old process, and reduce the number of necessary court appearances.

The Judcial Branch Law Libraries have Connecticut Law by Subject pages with more information on Divorce, Child Custody and Visitation, and Legal Separation.