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Insurance Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Booth, George


SC20389 - Nash Street, LLC v. Main Street America Assurance Co. ("The dispositive issue before us is whether the defendant insurer had a duty to defend an action brought against its insured in an underlying action alleging property damage resulting from a house that collapsed while being lifted off its foundation. The insurance policy under review contained clauses excluding coverage for damage that occurs to "that particular part" of real property on which the insured was working. In this case, brought under the direct action statute; see General Statutes ยง 38a-321; the plaintiff, Nash Street, LLC, appeals from the judgment of the trial court, which granted the motion for summary judgment filed by the named defendant, Main Street America Assurance Company. The plaintiff claims that the trial court improperly granted the defendant's motion for summary judgment because, at the time the insured, New Beginnings Residential Renovations, LLC, tendered defense of the underlying action to the defendant, there existed at least a possibility that the complaint alleged a liability that was covered under New Beginnings' insurance policy and, thus, triggered the defendant's duty to defend. We agree with the plaintiff and reverse the judgment of the trial court.")