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Probate Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC42922 - In re Probate Appeal of Nguyen ("The plaintiff, Michael Nguyen (respondent), appeals from the judgment of the Superior Court affirming the decision of the Probate Court for the district of Hartford ordering the involuntary commitment of the respondent to The Institute of Living (institute) for treatment of his psychiatric disabilities. On appeal,the respondent claims that the Superior Court erred in determining that his substantial rights were not prejudiced when the Probate Court (1) lacked jurisdiction and exceeded its statutory authority because the institute failed to comply with the notice requirements of General Statutes § 17a-498 (e), (2) improperly admitted a police report and two physician’s certificates into evidence, and (3) entered an order that was clearly erroneous, arbitrary or capricious, characterized by an abuse of discretion, or a clearly unwarranted exercise of discretion because it was based on inadmissible evidence. We affirm the judgment of the Superior Court.")