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Medical Malpractice Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC42581 - Labissoniere v. Gaylord Hospital, Inc. (Medical malpractice; motion to dismiss; personal jurisdiction; subject matter jurisdiction; "This appeal arises out of a medical malpractice action brought by the plaintiffs, George Labissoniere and Helen Civale, coexecutors of the estate of Robert Labissoniere (decedent), against the defendants, internal medicine physicians, Moe Kyaw, Madhuri Gadiyaram, and Eileen Ramos (collectively, physicians), and their employers, Gaylord Hospital, Inc. (hospital), and Sound Physicians of Connecticut, LLC (Sound Physicians). The plaintiffs appeal from the judgment of the trial court dismissing their claims for lack of personal jurisdiction pursuant to General Statutes § 52-190a. The plaintiffs' central claim on appeal is that the court erred in concluding that the physicians were internists acting within their specialty when they treated the decedent. The plaintiffs therefore assert that the trial court erred in concluding that the opinion letter attached to their complaint, which was written by a surgeon, failed to meet the personal jurisdictional requirement of § 52-190a and the allegations of the complaint did not satisfy the personal jurisdictional exception provided by General Statutes § 52-184c (c). We reject the plaintiffs' claim. Sound Physicians argues on appeal, as an alternative ground for affirmance, that the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction over the claim against it because it was not a legal entity at the time that the decedent was treated at the hospital. We disagree that the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction. We therefore affirm the judgment dismissing the action for lack of personal jurisdiction over the defendants.")