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Civil Procedure Appellate Court Opinion

by Booth, George


AC41986 - Alpha Beta Capital Partners, L.P. v. Pursuit Investment Management, LLC (Sanctions; whether trial court's order of sanctions met requirements for evaluating whether court's order constituted abuse of discretion; "This appeal involves a challenge to sanctions imposed by the trial court to remedy extensive discovery abuses by the defendants that frustrated the plaintiff's attempt to collect on a significant monetary judgment. The defendants, Pursuit Opportunity Fund I, L.P. (POF), Pursuit Opportunity Fund I Master Ltd. (POF Master), Pursuit Capital Management Fund I, L.P. (PCM), Pursuit Capital Master (Cayman) Ltd. (PCM Master), Pursuit Investment Management, LLC (PIM), Northeast Capital Management, LLC (Northeast), Anthony Schepis, and Frank Canelas, Jr., appeal from the trial court's order of sanctions, in which the court awarded the plaintiff, Alpha Beta Capital Partners, L.P., attorney's fees and litigation costs for the defendants' discovery abuses. On appeal, the defendants claim that the court's order of sanctions constituted an abuse of discretion because the order failed to meet the three requirements that a trial court must deem satisfied before imposing sanctions and that this court must analyze to determine whether the trial court's order constituted an abuse of discretion. See Ridgaway v. Mount Vernon Fire Ins. Co., 328 Conn. 60, 70–71, 176 A.3d 1167 (2018) (citing Millbrook Owners Assn., Inc. v. Hamilton Standard, 257 Conn. 1, 17–18, 776 A.2d 1115 (2001)). We disagree with the defendants' claim and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the trial court.")