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Foreclosure Law Appellate Court Opinion

by Zigadto, Janet


AC42225 - Wachovia Mortgage, FSB v. Toczek ("In this foreclosure action, the self-represented defendant, Aleksandra Toczek, appeals from the judgments of the trial court granting the motion of the plaintiff Wells Fargo Bank, N.A., to reset the law days and denying her motions to open the judgment of strict foreclosure and extend the law days and to reargue. On November 2, 2018, the plaintiff filed a motion to dismiss the appeal as frivolous. On February 14, 2019, the plaintiff filed a second motion to dismiss this appeal as moot and the amended appeal as moot and frivolous. That motion followed this court's order of February 4, 2019, in which we raised the question of whether the trial court's order resetting the law days should be summarily reversed as being in contravention of the appellate stay. After considering the parties' written submissions on that question and hearing oral argument on the matter, we conclude that, under binding authority from our Supreme Court, the trial court acted in contravention of the appellate stay when it reset the law days. We, therefore, deny the plaintiff's motion to dismiss the appeal and reverse the court's judgment granting the plaintiff's motion to reset the law days and setting the law days. We agree, however, that the defendant's amended appeal is frivolous and, therefore, grant the plaintiff's motion to dismiss the amended appeal.")