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Employment Law Appellate Court Opinions

by Roy, Christopher


AC40907 - Karagozian v. USV Optical, Inc. ("The plaintiff, Ohan Karagozian, appeals from the judgment rendered by the trial court subsequent to its granting of the motion to strike the complaint filed by the defendant, USV Optical, Inc. The substance of the plaintiff's claim on appeal is that the court improperly concluded that he had failed to state a claim for constructive discharge. We disagree and affirm the judgment of the trial court.")

AC40197 - Hospital Media Network, LLC v. Henderson ("The self-represented defendant, James G. Henderson, appeals from the judgment of the trial court, following a hearing in damages upon default as to liability, awarding the plaintiff, Hospital Media Network, LLC, monetary relief pursuant to the equitable theories of forfeiture and disgorgement in the amount of $454,579.76 on its claim of breach of fiduciary duty. On appeal, the defendant claims that the court's award was improper because the plaintiff failed to prove it suffered any damages. We conclude that the court abused its discretion in ordering a wholesale forfeiture of the defendant's salary and bonus and requiring the defendant to disgorge in full all profits received from third parties, such that the award, in the full amount requested by the plaintiff, was inequitable. Accordingly, we reverse in part the judgment of the court as to the award of damages against James Henderson and remand the case for a new hearing in damages. We otherwise affirm the court's judgment.")