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Medical Malpractice Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Booth, George


SC19935 - Levin v. State (Motion to strike; notice of claim to claims commissioner for permission to file action against state for medical malpractice pursuant to statute (ยง 4-160 [b]); sovereign immunity; "The sole question presented in this appeal is whether an action authorized by the claims commissioner, limited to medical malpractice, may survive a motion to strike where the plaintiff was not a patient of the defendant, as required by Jarmie v. Troncale, 306 Conn. 578, 587, 50 A.3d 802 (2012). The plaintiff, Jill K. Levin, administratrix of the estate of Margaret Rohner (decedent), appeals from the judgment rendered in favor of the defendant, the state of Connecticut, after the trial court granted the defendant's motion to strike.The plaintiff argues that Jarmie does not control in the present case because she is not alleging medical malpractice but, rather, "medical negligence," resulting from the care, treatment, and custody of a patient, and from a failure to warn the decedent of the patient's dangerous propensities. Simultaneously, the plaintiff asserts that there is no meaningful difference between her negligence claim and the medical malpractice claim presented to, and authorized by, the claims commissioner. The defendant counters that the trial court properly struck the plaintiff's claim under Jarmie, because it is a medical malpractice action filed by a nonpatient plaintiff. Alternatively, the defendant contends that, even if the plaintiff's claim is one sounding in negligence, the trial court lacked subject matter jurisdiction because the claims commissioner granted permission to bring an action only for medical malpractice. We agree with the defendant and affirm the trial court's judgment in favor of the defendant rendered following the granting of the defendant's motion to strike.")