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Newest OLR Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Office of Legislative Research has released several new research reports, backgrounders and issue briefs during the first part of February. They include:

Issue Brief: CGS 8-30g The Affordable Housing Land Use Appeals Procedure - 2017-R-0013

Honor Guard at Veterans' Funerals- 2017-R-0036 - Provide background information on what federal law requires for veterans’ funerals and the states that provide additional benefits.

Automobile Liability Insurance Requirements in Other States - 2017-R-0050 - This report identifies the states that require people to purchase (1) auto liability insurance, (2) uninsured motorist coverage, and (3) underinsured motorist coverage. For the states that require auto liability insurance, it lists the minimum levels of insurance required by law.

Medicaid Glossary - 2017-R-0053 - This report provides a glossary of acronyms associated with Connecticut’s Medicaid program. The table includes their terms and definitions. It also includes links to relevant information.

Inmate Sentence Reduction Methods- 2017-R-0054 - Provide (1) a history of inmate sentence reduction methods including good conduct credits and the risk reduction earned credit (RREC) program and (2) information about current RREC policies.

Crime Victim Compensation - 2017-R-0055 - Provide a summary of the crime victim compensation limits in Connecticut (including any recent changes to the limits under CGS § 54-211), Massachusetts, New York, and Rhode Island.

Wrongful Incarceration Compensation - 2017-R-0057 - Summarize the wrongful incarceration compensation statutes in Connecticut and other states.

Sober Houses - 2017-R-0051 - This report provides information on (1) the structure and government oversight of Connecticut’s "sober houses" and (2) recent legislation considered in Connecticut and other states.