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Contract Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Booth, George


SC19574 - CCT Communications, Inc. v. Zone Telecom, Inc. (Breach of contract; declaratory judgment; "The plaintiff, CCT Communications, Inc., appeals from the judgment of the trial court rendered in favor of the defendant, Zone Telecom, Inc., on the plaintiff's complaint and the defendant's counterclaim for damages. The case arises from a purchase agreement (purchase agreement) entered into by the parties in which the plaintiff was to provide various telecommunications equipment, software, and services to the defendant for a switch room located in Los Angeles, California (switch room). On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the trial court incorrectly rendered judgment in favor of the defendant on its complaint and the defendant's counterclaim. Specifically, the plaintiff asserts that the trial court incorrectly: (1) concluded that it breached the purchase agreement; (2) failed to award the plaintiff certain damages on count one of its complaint; and (3) awarded damages, costs and attorney's fees in excess of a limitation of liability clause in the purchase agreement. We disagree with the plaintiff and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the trial court.")