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Juvenile Law Supreme Court Opinion

by Townsend, Karen


SC19669 - In re Jayce O. ( " The respondent mother, Kaitlyn J., appeals from the judgment of the trial court terminating her parental rights with respect to her minor child, Jayce O. The respondent contends that her right to due process under both the federal and state constitutions was violated because the trial court relied in part, pursuant to General Statutes (Supp. 2016) § 17a-112 (j) (3) (E), on the prior voluntary termination of her parental rights with respect to another child when the respondent was a minor (prior termination). The respondent also contends that the trial court, in its decision on the petition for termination of parental rights filed by the petitioner, the Commissioner of Children and Families: (1) improperly concluded that the Department of Children and Families (department) made reasonable efforts toward reunification; (2) failed to make a finding that the respondent was unable or unwilling to benefit from those reasonable efforts; and (3) improperly found that the respondent had failed to rehabilitate. We affirm the judgment of the trial court and address each of the respondent’s claims in turn. ")