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New Office of Legislative Research Reports

by Zigadto, Janet


The Office of Legislative Research has recently published the following reports:

Institutional Aid for Undocumented Students - 2018-R-0033 - This report describes the types of institutional aid that undocumented students would have been able to receive from Connecticut public higher education institutions if Senate Bill 17 (2017) had become law.

Reverse Mortgage Counseling Requirements - 2018-R-0053 - This report summarizes federal reverse mortgage counseling requirements and provides examples of requirements enacted in other states.

States Offering Legal Sports Betting - 2018-R-0059 - This report summarizes the types of games that states with legal sports betting may offer.

Mandatory Reporting of Elder Abuse - 2018-R-0068 - This report provides information on Connecticut's elder abuse reporting requirements and statutory penalties.

Special Parole - 2018-R-0038 - This report provides a summary of Connecticut's Special Parole System.

Motor Fuel Taxes - 2018-R-0054 - This report briefly explains the Connecticut taxes that apply to motor fuels and how the rates have changed since 1990. It also provides the revenue raised and how it compares to similar taxes in other states.

E-Cigarettes and Minors - 2018-R-0039 - This report describes the laws on the sale or use of electronic nicotine delivery systems and vapor products that apply to minors.

Impact of Limiting the SALT Deduction on Connecticut - 2018-R-0028 - This report explains the new federal tax law's (1) limit on the state and local tax deduction and (2) impact on Connecticut taxpayers and the state budget.

Tenants, Lodgers, and Long-Term Guests - 2018-R-0050 - This report explains how Connecticut law (1) differentiates between tenants and lodgers and (2) determines when a guest may gain the protections of a tenant.