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New Laws Concerning Diversionary Programs

by Roy, Christopher


The Office of Legislative Research report on Acts Affecting Crime and Public Safety has a section on changes to Diversionary Programs.

Public Act 16-182 (summary) "permits courts to refer persons under the age of twenty-one who are charged with underage drinking or motor vehicle offenses to a program that will educate them in the dangers and consequences of underage drinking and other risky behavior."

Public Act 16-55, sec. 9, (summary) "prohibits the court from suspending prosecution and ordering treatment for anyone who was driving a commercial motor vehicle (large truck or bus) or held a CDL or commercial driver's instruction permit when he or she was charged with any of the following crimes: (1) DUI, (2) DUI under age 21, (3) 2nd degree assault with a motor vehicle, or (4) 2nd degree manslaughter with a motor vehicle."