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Overview of CCJEF v. Rell

by Booth, George


The Office of Legislative Research (OLR) has published an informative backgrounder on the recent Connecticut Superior Court education funding case, Connecticut Coalition for Justice in Education Funding v. Rell:

“…the court found that although the state exceeded the minimum public school funding level standard required by the constitution, it fell short of meeting its constitutional obligation in the following areas: (1) intervening in struggling school districts when local government falters; (2) distributing education aid; (3) defining elementary and secondary education; (4) setting standards for hiring, firing, evaluating, and paying teachers; and (5) funding special education, identifying eligible students, and delivering services.”

“We summarize below the case’s history; the Superior Court’s findings, reasoning, and orders for each of the above five areas; and the decision’s two appendices.”

The full ruling in CCJEF v. Rell is available on the Judicial Branch's website.