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Civil Procedure

Administrative Appeal Appellate Court Opinion

   by Booth, George

AC42997 - Lewis v. Freedom of Information Commission (Administrative appeal; alleged violation of Freedom of Information Act (§ 1-200 et seq.); "The self-represented plaintiff, Kacey Lewis, appeals from the judgment of the trial court dismissing his administrative appeal from the final decision of the defendant, the Freedom of Information Commission, for lack of subject matter jurisdiction on the ground that he failed to file his administrative appeal with the Superior Court within the time requirement of General Statutes § 4-183 (c). On appeal, the plaintiff claims that the trial court erred by (1) dismissing his appeal because the clerk of the court, either negligently or intentionally, gave him incorrect instructions regarding the service of the appeal and did not file his appeal in July, 2018, thereby wrongfully making his filing untimely, and (2) denying his application for the issuance of subpoenas by finding that any additional testimony would be irrelevant. We disagree and, accordingly, affirm the judgment of the trial court.")

Property Law Appellate Court Opinion

   by Zigadto, Janet

AC43795 - Bozelko v. Statewide Construction, Inc. (Writ of error; standing; aggrievement; claim that trial court erred in determining that defendants in underlying action to quiet title were owners of certain real property; "This case comes before the court on a writ of error brought by the plaintiff in error, Chandra A. Bozelko (plaintiff in error), who is the daughter of Ronald F. Bozelko (Bozelko), the plaintiff in the underlying action. Bozelko initiated the underlying action pursuant to General Statutes § 47-31, seeking to quiet title to property known as 105 McLay Avenue in East Haven. The writ of error challenges the judgment of the trial court rendered in favor of the defendants in the underlying action, Statewide Construction, Inc., and Robert Pesapane (defendants in error). We conclude that the plaintiff in error lacks standing to challenge the judgment and, accordingly, we dismiss the writ of error.")

Civil Procedure Appellate Court Opinion

   by Zigadto, Janet

AC43467 - Seaport Capital Partners, LLC v. Speer (Writ of error; "In this writ of error, the plaintiff in error, Edward Bona, an attorney appointed by the court to act as a receiver of rents in the underlying foreclosure action, challenges the judgment of the court granting a motion for a protective order filed by the defendant in error, Seaport Capital Partners, LLC (Seaport), to preclude certain discovery requests Bona made to Seaport and holding Bona personally liable to Seaport for $11,903.47. According to Bona, the court improperly (1) failed to account for certain evidence he offered, (2) ordered him to pay Seaport despite