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New Legislation

New Laws Effective October 1, 2019

   by Zigadto, Janet

The Connecticut General Assembly has posted a list of new legislation that is effective on October 1, 2019. Each entry includes links to the full text of the public act, the plain English summary from the Office of Legislative Research, and the bill status page.

In addition, you can view current legislation effective from passage. The Connecticut General Assembly also provides an archive of legislation by effective date going back to October 2007.

Reverse Piercing of the Corporate Veil Prohibited

   by Roy, Christopher

Our Enforcing Money Judgments Research Guide (Table 9) has been updated to reflect Public Act 19-181, which eliminates Reverse Piercing of the Corporate Veil in Connecticut. In addition, the Public Act Summary states that "[t]his act sets specific conditions that must be met in granting a veil piercing claim to override limitations on a domestic entity interest holder’s liability in connection with the entity’s transactions. (Under the act, a 'domestic entity' is an entity whose internal affairs are governed by Connecticut law.) In doing so, the act generally codifies the 'instrumentality test,' one of two methods Connecticut courts use to determine whether to grant a veil-piercing claim." Below is revised table 9 in the Enforcing Money Judgments Research Guide.

Table 9: Enforcing Money Judgments

CT Department of Revenue Services Webpage on Plastic Bag Law Effective August 1, 2019

   by Zigadto, Janet

The Connecticut Department of Revenue Services has posted a helpful webpage explaining the new law on single-use plastic bags effective August 1, 2019. It contains definitions and detailed explanation of the new law created by Public Act 19-117, section 355. The DRS has also compiled a list of questions it has received concerning implementation of the single-use bag fee, and has issued an Office of the Commissioner Guidance Regarding the Single-Use Plastic Bag Fee. The Department of Revenue Services (DRS) will update this guidance as it receives additional questions.

Office of Legislative Research - 2019 Bill Tracking Report

   by Booth, George

This report from the Office of Legislative Research (OLR), 2019 Bill Tracking:

"...identifies bills considered during the General Assembly’s 2019 regular session whose content or concepts were incorporated into other legislation, under different bill numbers, that the legislature passed.

It lists bills that were, at a minimum, fully drafted and had a public hearing but whose substance, in part or in whole, was enacted as a public act through separate legislation. The report includes those acts that (1) borrowed specific content from another bill or (2) addressed similar concepts using language that did not exactly match that of the other bill."